12.6 Metabolic Syndrome Measures

The pre­vi­ous two sec­tions de­scribe my diet and ex­er­cise his­to­ries. They show how my lifestyle has changed so that I am liv­ing the SWLL, but has it done me any good? One ob­jec­tive way to check this is to see how many of the metabol­ic syn­drome mea­sures I have.

As a re­minder, for men these are:

  • obesity: waist measurement > 40″
  • blood pressure: systolic > 130 or diastolic > 85
  • insulin resistance: fasting blood sugar > 100
  • triglycerides: > 150
  • HDL: < 40

For a com­plete de­scrip­tion of metabol­ic syn­drome, see the “Health” chap­ter.

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